Thursday, May 28, 2009

the LIST

pregnancy calendar

Here's the stuff I'm trying to make/do before EDD. (That's less than 4 months people!)
Maybe if I write a list I'll actually do it? Hmmm

*Clean out baby's room... aka project of the year.... I have made some significant progress believe it or not.

*Baby knitting...

2-3 sleep sacks (2 down)

2-3 soakers/diaper covers (2 down)

2-3 pants/longies (2 down)

Maybe some booties and hats if I get to it

*Unpack W's baby's clothes and sort out any gender neutral newborn stuff.

*Take down the baby equipment and clean it up... crib, bedding, cosleeper, swing, carseat, etc.

*Sewing... I have a list of tutorials but I'm sure not all of these will happen. I need to whip some of these into gifts too.

Burp Cloths

"Swaddle Sheet" Blanket

Boppy Slipcover (someone want to make me one or two of these? hint hint)

Easy Hooded Bath Towel -I think W needs a new one too

*Big-Brother Basket

I'd like to get a basket of projects, toys, activities, etc together for W-man. I think it would be a good idea to have a plan for nursing sessions, diaper changes and times I can't give him my full attention. Any suggestions? I have a couple big-brother books picked out that I need to order.

*Then there's all the birth prep stuff... but that's a whole other list unto itself.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

oh happy day!

I just found out I won a Flip Camera from Parent Blogger's Network! Sweet!!!
I have participated in a lot of their "blog blasts" but this is the first time my name was drawn. (This was from the potty training post I wrote.)

I also won a cloth wipes warmer from The Green Mom Review. How neat is that? I actually put that warmer on my baby wish list after I read about it on their site.

I am always entering drawings and giveaways when I can. It seems like you never win, but then every once in awhile it actually pays off. Fun stuff.

Speaking of, I think I need to get another giveaway going on this blog soon.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I am a grumpy mama lately. Not much fun to write about.
Even though I really wanted to be pregnant again and am excited about our growing family, I am feeling crappy. I am just no good at this pregnancy thing. I didn't like it last time, but it was a bit more exciting. You know, experiencing everything for the first time and planning for the new baby.
I know at this point last time, I had some energy back and was feeling pretty good. Everything is worse this go round. I feel a bit guilty I don't enjoy it more as it did take awhile to get here. Constant fatigue, mood swings and uncomfortable GI issues are ruling right now.
BUT this is still better than all the puking and constant nausea of the first 4 months.

Anyway, this too shall pass. I just can't wait to meet this little one and snuggle and nurse and enjoy them face to face.

Other than complaining, I'm going to try and see if I can change my diet to help me feel better. And I need to get back on my yoga stuff too. I did it faithfully last time, but have been missing my motivation this pregnancy.
September can't come soon enough.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Potty Mouth

No, I'm not talking about my little one swearing. That's another post.

The Parent Blogger's Network and Pull-Ups Potty Project wants to hear our potty training tales. And boy, have I got a long tale to tell.

Phase 1: Attempted "Elimination Communication"

I apparently missed the window of opportunity on this one, but I had heard of some late start ECers having success. So around W's first birthday I started with some EC methods. I read Diaper Free Baby, Early Start Potty Training and Diaper Free! We worked on the "communication" part, though I admit we never really got to the point where HE was communicating anything intentionally. I could read his cues pretty well though and we got to the point where we were catching most #2's and a couple #1's a day by 18 months. Which meant less dirty diapers to change so I was happy.

Phase 2: Frustration Sets In

Despite some success there in the beginning we have not moved very far since. I thought that by 2 yo or at the most 2 and a half he might take some more initiative. But no such luck. We kept "catching" on the potty but only if I took him when I thought he had to go. It was getting old, but so was changing diapers so I kept with it. (I have since learned that EC is not really a method of early potty learning and that you shouldn't expect a child to be indpendent any sooner with this method than any other. Though many moms swear that they do.)

Phase 3: Traditional Potty Training

At about 2.5yo, after all of the 2yo girls at church were COMPLETELY trained, I figured I'd start trying some more traditional methods to motivate him. I tried to get him excited about new "big boy pants" and introduced a sticker chart. Treats were sometimes used as bribes to get him to sit longer on the potty. We watched Elmo's Potty Time DVD. We even had a "potty party" to try and make it more positive and exciting. Despite all these efforts, he will only go if I remind him. Frankly, I am kinda tired of remembering when he has to go. I have seen some tiny, gradual progress. He can now pull up and down his own pants so that's a step in the right direction.

Phase 4: Hoping peer pressure will kick in before he's 5yo
Everyone says, one day he will decide to go. Just wait.

Um, yeah. Somehow I doubt it. He does not care about a dirty diaper, despite the fact that we use cloth diapers and cloth trainers which hold wetness against the skin.

I'm reluctant to stop altogether, as has been suggested to me, because we can go whole days with only a couple "accidents" if we are home and I'm really paying attention. We are less than 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday now and baby 2 is on their way. So maybe, all this prep work will pay off and we will not have 2 in diapers.

I am thinking about going to training pants only and saving diapers for outings and overnights. I try and do this during the week, but if daddy or someone else is with him they don't remember to take him to the potty. I admit we've switched back and forth between the two which I've heard is a no-no.

Everyone learns to use the potty eventually, right? Right?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Notebook Experiment: Can I make homemade bagels?

I made these a couple weeks ago, but never got around to posting.
Experiment: Can I make homemade bagels?
Experiment Taken From: Mom Advice's Notebook Entry 04.29.09
Materials Needed: Please see this bagel recipe. And be sure to read this great article on the cost-effectiveness of making your own foods out of pantry ingredients.
Results: Yummy! W and I polished them off in a couple days.
This is the least bagel-looking bagel. Heh.
I think that I may have overcooked them in the water bath though because they didn't rise much in the oven. And since I used two different racks in my oven they didn't all cook evenly either. I think that I need to pay more attention next to the timing of everything.
Conclusion: All in all I think they turned out pretty good for a first try. I will be giving them another try soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I guess I better get off the computer...

Here's my planned summer reading list:

I just picked this up at the Church library yesterday and I'm loving it! It speaks to right where I am in life at this moment.

I've been re-reading this one. The chapters correspond to the months of pregnancy. It's hands down my fav pregnancy book.

(Doula Dirkey, I need to borrow this.)

I've started this one but need to pick it up again.

Another book I only got a couple chapters in, even though I loved what I read so far.

I keep starting books and then getting distracted and never finishing them. I actually have a much bigger stack of "to read" but I figured I should just focus on these for now. I want to start the Twilight series, but I know how I am. I will love it. I will get obsessed. And will spend hours and hours reading on end while everything else falls to wayside. (I'm one of those weird adult Harry Potter fans so I know of what I speak.) Maybe I'll start that as a "beach only" read this summer.

Anyone else have some summer reading planned?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture Randomness

I read somewhere in the blog-o-sphere about filling up a sand/water table with bubbles/plain water instead. Genius! And much less messy than the sand+water combo. Doesn't the kiddo look happy?

Ok so he did flip the entire thing over after about 15 minutes, but that's just my kid.

I got some knitting mojo back and made these little booties a couple weeks ago. Aren't they cute? This is my first attempt at color work. (fair isle actually, meaning changing colors within the rows) I thought they would be gender neutral, but are looking very "boy" to me. Oh well I guess I need to make a girl pair too. :) The yarn is Peace Fleece and the pattern is from them as well.

Then last weekend I made these darlings with some handdyed yarn of unknown origin. I will be gifting these I think.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spreading the Word

Is it me or are there TONS of giveaways going on right now? Seriously a ton. I have entered a bunch, but will spare you all the links. Here are a few of my favorites in case you want to play too.

* Mom4Life MotherLoad Giveaway!
Mom4Life is a great store that carries products invented by moms for moms.
HUGE giveaway going on this month. Head over for more info.

*Chagrin Valley Soap Gift Certificate!
Coupon Queens is giving away a $25 gift cert to Chagrin Valley Soap!!!
Can I just say I am so excited about this one? I'm sure I've blogged about them before. But they make the best shampoo bars and lotion bars and other natural personal care products. I've been a faithful customer of the shampoo bars for about 2 years now.

*Breast Pump Giveaway!
Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother, a long-time net-friend of mine, is giving away an Evenflow breast pump! The contest is here.

Good luck!

Hand-Me-Downs from Mom

When I became a mom, I realized how much my own mom had passed down to me over the years.
I am guessing that happens to a lot of people.
I am now able to see our similarities more, when before our differences were so glaring. I am able to appreciate the sacrifices she made. And I am more forgiving towards the mistakes made.
We never had many material things growing up and things were usually not easy. All those challenges have made me who I am today. I now see a greater purpose for it all.
Our relationship has been far from ideal, but I know that through it all my mom loved me and fought hard so that I could have the best life she could give.

My mom handed down to me... my blond hair, eyes that need glasses, a big rack, a fierce protectiveness over my child(ren), a strong desire to learn and educate myself, the importance of good nutrition, confidence to go against the flow when necessary, the ability to trust my decisions even if they are not the most popular choice, compassion for those in need and the importance of Faith and fellowship with other Christians (even when you don't feel like it).

Thanks mom! I appreciate the "hand-me-downs" now more than ever.

This post is an entry in the Parent Blogger's Network Mother's Day Blog Blast sponsored by JOHNSON'S® Brand. Their second annual Celebrity Hand Me Down charity auction runs from 7 pm PT on Thursday May 7 through 7 pm PT on Thursday May 14, featuring items donated by celebrity moms Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. All proceeds will benefit the new global JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TEARS® Clean Water initiative via their well-known charitable giving site, Baby Cause.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project of the Year

The pictures kinda speak for themselves, huh?

This is our "guest" room.
As you can tell we haven't had any overnight guests in awhile. When they were staying over more regularly the room was a bit tidier. Since then it turned into that room. You know, the place you throw your stuff when you don't have a place for it? On top of that, I keep all my sewing/crafting/yarny goodness in there.
Hot mess.

The plan is to make this a guest room/nursery.

Granted the babe will be sleeping with me for probably the first 6 months or so. All depends on how it goes. We started moving W into his own room about that age since he was such a light sleeper and too wiggly at night. But "flexibility" is my mantra this time around.
The plan is to maximize the sleep for all members of the family no matter the location.

In a few years, when the babe is ready for the BKB (big kid bed) I'll be setting up the bunk beds in W's room.
Regardless, I still need a home for all the baby paraphernalia.

Friday, May 1, 2009


*I really want to make some of these lavender drawer liners! I use unscented laundry powder so this would be perfect to add a light scent without using chemicals. On Martha of course!
I think these might be a good project for the nursery too.

*This site (Nurture Baby) has some recipes that W would enjoy! They have tips and recipes for making and storing your own baby/toddler foods. Of course you can always just cut up table food if it's age appropriate, but sometimes you need some newinspiration. Not to mention the convenience of pulling something out of the freezer for lunch.

*How awesome
are these Baby Gowns refashioned from old T-shirts? Who else has a collection of T's that you just can't part with? I know it's not just me.

* tutorials and projects for boys, boys, boys!

*I was just thinking about something like this the other day when I ran out of cotton balls and here's a tut! Reusable Facial/Make-up Pads