Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trim Healthy Me

I am a terrible dieter.  (But keep reading.)

I have only tried one weight loss diet before long before having kids.  (It was low-carb and low-glycemic.)  It worked, but was not sustainable long-term.  It never took care of my cravings, was a lot of work to prep all the food and I gained back all the weight and more as soon as I went off of it.  
Counting calories or points or tracking every morsel that passes my lips? Not for me!  Cutting out entire food groups?  Not going to happen!  I have tried to do the gym thing. Nope. Running makes me want to die.  (Seriously, I don't get it.)  I can get with some light yoga and dancing, but a jock I am not.  Anyone who has ever seen me in gym class and/or attempt an organized sport will attest to that!

Since having children, I have had more of an interest in healthy eating.  I have read a lot and dabbled in vegetarianism and raw foodism.  I had settled into a more “traditional foods” approach in recent years, but still indulged in the occasional fast food and sugary sweets.  Sweet coffee drinks, ice cream and chocolates being chief the offenders.  My homemade organic whole wheat sourdough loaded with local honey and butter weren’t doing my blood sugar any favors either.  Eventhough I was eating healthy food most of the time, I was going about it the wrong way and it was making me heavy, tired and achy.  I was always hungry and often gave in to late night cravings for sweets.   

With a family history of Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes while pregnant, I knew I had some blood sugar issues.  I was “good” when pregnant and managed the GD with diet and exercise, but was so tired and unmotivated to continue eating the same restrictive way once the baby came.  

I read about Trim Healthy Mama in a few blog reviews, but I was skeptical.  Then a friend decided to try it.  She was talking it up.  I read a review from another chunky whole-foodie that resonated with me.   She was puzzled as to why she was gaining weight eating whole foods, but Trim Healthy Mama gave her the answers.  That convinced me to at least read the book.

I got the ebook in April.  This information was the missing piece of the puzzle!  I knew a lot about nutrition but THM put that information together in a new way.  Plus there was bonus information on exercise, hormones and some other useful topics.  I slowly eased into the plan by starting with snacks and desserts and trying to apply the principles to foods I was already making.  It WAS a lot of thinking about food the first couple weeks.  I made mistakes.  I had a few off-plan foods here and there.  But something was working because the scale started to move.  

After a few foggy days of sugar “detox,” I started feeling less tired and achy in the mornings!  My increased energy was, and is, the biggest perk for me.  Before Trim Healthy Mama, not a day went by where I didn’t complain incessantly about being tired!  It is so much different now.

The weight loss has been slow but consistent.  I noticed a pattern of not loosing for a couple weeks and then seeing  a substantial jump after that.  Since mid-April (about 3 months ago) I’ve lost over 20lbs.  I’ve gone from “overweight” on the charts to just at the top of “normal.”  I’m down one pants size and everything feels like it’s shrinking.  I'm still a work in progress!  I'd like to loose another 10lbs and add in some consistent exercise.  Would like to work on healing my diastasis (aka mummy-tummy).  I have hope that I'll get there eventually.  If I had only had this information and these recipes when I was pregnant, I know the gestational diabetes would have been so much easier to deal with!

I don’t ever plan on going back to my old habits.  I love this way of eating and I love how I feel!  This plan is really adaptable to any lifestyle, from the "Drive-Thru Sues" to the "Whole Grain Janes!"  I am not posting this to brag about how hard I worked.  On the contrary, I'm posting this to get the word out.  If you struggle with your weight and are looking for a long-term solution, I urge you to give THM a look.  After all, if I can do it...

This January before shot is so embarrassing for me.  I was 6 months postpartum but my face looked thinner when I was pregnant!  At the time I didn’t realize how fluffy I looked.

 Here I am now.

If you want a good overview of the eating plan and book read Gwen's Review here.